Back in 2009 a few of us got together and started a group called The National Association of Dove Release Professionals. The motivation behind this was mainly to educate anyone looking to book a Dove Release for their wedding or celebration. There were many businesses offering this service at the time, but only a few were operating legally, and with the correct breed of bird. The founder members, Dawn Halton, Rod Simpson, Lynne Morgan & Chris Jenkins were all passionate about doing the right thing for our birds as well as for customers. We renamed The British Guild of Dove Release Professionals in 2012. 

Now in 2019, there are fewer companies offering this service, but they are mostly the ones that have stood the test of time. We dont take money for membership, but each supplier has to meet a criteria as follows

  • They must have been registered with HMRC for 5 years

  • They must have public liability insurance

  • Experienced in the keeping of the Rock Dove/homing pigeon

  • Is and expert on training, health and welfare of this breed of dove

  • Their flock must easily be identified with permanent ID rings

  • Must only use The White Rock Dove within their business

We also prefer our members to be registered with their regional homing union such as the RPRA, NWHU, WHPU.

They should also have an informative website which places importance on bird husbandry and welfare.

We are still extremely passionate about ensuring people know what theyre asking for when booking a dove release. If you choose a supplier that uses the wrong breed of bird, or just a badly opt to doing it yourselves by buying birds, your dove release will be a disaster for you and for the poor birds.

Our aim is to make everyone aware that a dove release when done by a knowledgeable professional can be a meaningful and beautiful experience for all concerned - including the birds!